Lou Dinos

Lou Dinos...comedian, actor, entertainer...


It all started in Toronto at a little club called Yuk Yuks, the only comedy club in the country, which at the time stayed open until 4 A.M. and did not serve drinks.  Lou did five minutes and was scared to death.  But he killed.  Lou was 21. 

After conquering the Great White North, Lou decided to pack his bags and head for the big city.  In Los Angeles, he was offered a role in QUICKSILVER (with Kevin Bacon) almost immediately.  He auditioned at THE COMEDY STORE and within a month, he was a regular there.  His name was painted on the wall in the corner that faces Sunset Boulevard. 

Soon after that he hooked up with his childhood friend, Howie Mandel.  For five years they toured theaters across the U.S. and Canada together.  Their itinerary included stops at Radio City Music Hall, The Fox Theater in Atlanta, Universal Amphitheater in L.A., The Fox in San Francisco, Caesar’s and The Sands.  In October of ’87, Lou played Carnegie Hall for the first time. 

After being with Howie for so long, Lou decided to go out on his own.  His solo tour started out as a one year venture.  He headlined clubs such as Charlie Goodnight’s (Raleigh), The Funny Bone (Columbus), The Punchline (Atlanta), and The Comedy Works (Montreal).  One year stretched into two and the tour continued.  After four years of traveling, Lou decided to move again, this time to Atlanta. 

News of the Olympics coming to town, compelled Lou to try out for the synchronized swimming team, representing the Canadians.  When he failed to make the team, Lou, blaming the city of Atlanta, packed his bags and headed West.  Again. 

On any given weekend, you can catch LOU DINOS at any one of a number of cities in America.  The rest of the time, he divides equally between his home in Los Angeles (where he enjoys reading the classics and taking in odd ironing and mending jobs) and his summer retreat in The Congo where his work with the Anthropoid Apes continues to make great scientific strides.